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Frith Stables

Frith Stables

Owner and artist of Now & Zen Studio, has brought artists and ceramicists of all backgrounds together to collaborate and produce Bonsai, Sculpture and Artisanal Dinnerware ranges. She has been involved in ceramics since 1983. With both her knowledge and interest in the ceramic field, she is exploring and enhancing her technique through both historic and new age methods.

Christine Image

Christine Matatu

A Zimbabwean Asylum seeker aged 38, lost a leg in a freak accident just over two years ago, becoming an amputee. Losing her only income as a domestic worker, instead of sitting in depression, Christine accepted an invite from Now and Zen Artisan Pottery Studio for Clay Therapy. Christine committed herself 100% arriving at the studio daily for 6 hour sessions learning a new craft, and is now an accomplished Ceramic Artist and member of Ceramics SA Association. Christine makes unique Friendship/Gratitude Angels, fired in the age old tradition of smoke firing including sculpture, and creative home décor.

Corinne Image

Corinne Diane Robbins

Corinne has a unique past in artistic expression through most art and craft mediums. After pursuing pottery for four years, sculpture became her first love.

Courtney Image

Courtney-Amber Klette

Now & Zen’s youngest apprentice. Her artistic career began at the age of eight whereby she explored various techniques in sculpture and design. Courtney, at the age of twenty-one is teaching all ages in-house.

Brandon Image

Brandon Amronski

Degreed artist and photographer. Brandon then joined Now & Zen early 2016 with no experience in pottery. He was mentored by his sister Frith Stables, owner of Now & Zen Studio; thereafter began an avid ceramicist focusing on mudslinging and enjoying the creative process of this new medium.

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